Technology is misunderstood

If you’ve ever had the thought “I hate my computer SO much“ or “technology hates me“ or “I wish we could go back to pen and paper“… deep down you know these modern day marvels are better than pen and paper…but does it need to be such a struggle? The answer is no and we can help.

Simplifying is

Let’s be serious. Tech problems can be so wide in variety, it would be absolutely impossible to list them all here. What we know is, you’ve got some great stories from past experiences… Let’s talk about ONE situation that I’ve heard time and again, as just a taste of the frustration that can come along with your technology.

IT support can feel so fragmented. What does this mean? Well, here’s a very common scenario: You buy a computer from store A and they offer you software B, which is (obviously) compatible with your new system, right? So, you get home, set it up, install your flashy new software and BOOM! Something’s not working “Insert common Error Screen here”. Hmmm, now what? Well of course, you contact store A about the product you bought from them. But…. they don’t do support for that software. Turns out, you’ve got to go back to the supplier B. That support call turns into a wild goose chase of transferred calls, and unhelpful “scripts”, all while absorbing hours of your time. At the end of this multi-hour process the conclusion they come to is that your issue is actually store A’s fault, and you need to contact them for a fix instead…. Have you lost your mind yet? It doesn’t have to be this way – and we can help.

An investment with
awesome returns

What if you had a single point of support for all of your technology needs? Instead of bouncing around various call centers, online searches and forums you would reach out to your Re:Solve Solutions Provider and feel confident that they can help you… without the friction.

Imagine how this situation could have gone. Your Re:Solve Solutions Provider would make the recommendation for your initial computer purchase and the aligning software needed. Along with the added bonus of backing up your old system to migrate over and start-up your shiny new computer so that the first time you turn it on, it’s ALL THERE, ready to go, almost like nothing’s changed… except that your computer is way more Bad Ass!

The return on this? Hours of saved time, from research of the product you need to upgrade/add to your Technology Ecosystem, to set-up, to troubleshooting. You’re back in production mode with barely a hiccup in your daily routine.

Initial investment value


Immediate efficiency improvement


Overall happiness


What if I could
simplify your tech?

Think “simple” and “tech” in the same sentence is unrealistic? It’s not. We believe in working together to develop a full understanding of your current technology situation; what challenges you’re facing, and the opportunities that can be leveraged (short and long term) to move you forward and get your technology aligned and working FOR you and not the other way around.

It’s hard to renovate a house that’s on fire. The same is true for your technology. We need to start where you’re at and set a plan for where you’re going. From our Initial Audit to our Recommendation Matrix, to One-on-One Tutoring, Ongoing Support, and more. We address every aspect of your Tech Ecosystem from start to finish, giving you the sense of relief that great technology is meant to bring!
Live Support – Wherever you are
Our HelpDesk & On-Site Consultants provide personal support that brings relief to your most immediate challenges. Get it fixed. Make it work. Move on with what’s important to you.
We take care of it for you… Permanently
Your day to day maintenance, security & system updates are managed remotely and securely through our unique Peace-of-Mind Program.
WiFi & Network Upgrades
Assess your current tech components to ensure you’re getting max speeds, widespread coverage, and reliable service throughout your home or business.
Recommendation Matrix
We help you choose technology that will serve you into the future. Plan for upgrades, extend the life of current hardware, and proactively approach the future of your technology ecosystem.
The Future in Your Hands
Whether upgrading a current home or business, or starting fresh – share your dreams with us and we’ll craft a custom blueprint to seamlessly bring your vision to life.
Make Tech Make Sense
We deliver personalized “tech tutoring“ for all ages and levels of understanding. Our programs provide better understanding, greater ease with technology, and savings in time & energy. You’ll be able to do more with less… an instant productivity & confidence boost.

Technology by choice, not by chance.

Want free advice about how technology can simplify your life rather than make it more complicated?

    Rave reviews

    Yes! We’re totally awesome…but hey…don’t take our word for it. Over the years, we’ve worked with some pretty outstanding clients and have been recognized for our excellence, our innovation and most of all, our ability to make complicated tech; simply work.

    I am blown away by Re:Solve’s ability to effectively take something complicated…and make it work…simply.

    Isabelle Mercier
    Brand Performance Catalyst
    (A.K.A. Jet Fuel)

    The level of support that Mathieu provides is excellent. He strives to find the best solution to any technical problem we have in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Re:Solve Tech Solutions for any IT related issues.

    Mandi Brown
    Business Manager @ The Original Fusion