About Mathieu

Mathieu would be described in many circles as a nerd, a geek, a whiz. He doesn’t mind the labels and grew up completely enthralled in what technology could do for the average person. He’s always loved “Futurism” and having his finger on the pulse of bleeding edge technology.

Endlessly curious, Mathieu sees potential wherever he goes. Invite him over, open your doors to our Initial Conversation, and let’s see where technology can save you time, money & effort while building relief, efficiency & freedom in your life

What you should
KNOW about me

I’ve been working on computers & tech for most of my life; from managing an Apple store out of my teens, to in-home & business consulting, to sales & support. I’ve always liked figuring out how things work and finding the best of the best, whether it’s hardware, software, networks, gadgets… you get the idea. I work to understand what’s worth the money and how does it cooperate or fit-in with the rest of the “tech ecosystem” (Check out my Recommendation Matrix for more info).

There are so many topics to explore in technology and I make it my job to stay on top of what’s out there, and what’s coming next. The truth is, I absolutely love research! I take time each day to read all of the updates from bleeding edge technology sites, keeping myself connected to everyone, from industry front-runners to new-wave underdogs.

What I
LOVE working on

It’s so challenging to say what’s my “favourite” thing to work on. The truth is, when I see the tweaks and changes we make together adding improvement to your life, I feel like I’ve made a difference and I enjoy the ripple effect my clients share that they experience.

Here are just a few things I get the chance to up-level through the process:

Working with families – from monitoring, to parental guidance systems, to tutoring & education, WiFi solutions… oh, and I grew up gaming, so I provide solutions there too.

Solopreneurs & Small Business – offering solutions in software (CRM’s, billing platforms, project management), networks, storage, ergonomics… this could go on.

Custom Solutions – including the “Big Picture” Tech Utopia, Recommendations Matrix, Personalized tech education (all ages), Automation & Futurization, and more.

What I’m

What I’m most excited about these days is the feeling of endless possibility. When I watched “The Jetsons” as a kid, I always thought that the gleaming, automated world was far out of our reach. Little did tiny Mathieu know that not only is that future already here, it’s better than we could have imagined! Digital assistants are getting smarter each day, and with the right “secret sauce” can even effectively manage your environment and day to day life.

Every time I walk through my front door, I’m excited all over again about how my home technology adapts to me. My temperature is set to my personal favourite right away, the lights change tone to suit the time of day, and I have a host of other commands ready to go when I’m ready to read, relax, or get productive. The opportunities are endless!

My life
OUTSIDE of Technology

Since moving to the West Coast I’ve learned how much the Pacific Northwest style of living really resonates with me. I love craft coffee and have learned from local barista heroes how to make my own each day, submersing myself in the ritual of the process – my own personal form of meditation.

The local mountains have reignited my passion for snowboarding. Growing up in New-Brunswick we had little choice in where we could enjoy the hills, and in comparison to the majestic mountains here I almost hesitate to call them hills.

I’ve been home bartending for years, but never knew how intricate and varied that world was until I explored the local craft liquor scene. We are spoiled for choice in food, beer and cocktails. I am sure I still have many untapped hidden gems to discover!

Technology by choice, not by chance.

Want free advice about how technology can simplify your life rather than make it more complicated?

    Rave reviews

    Yes! We’re totally awesome…but hey…don’t take our word for it. Over the years, we’ve worked with some pretty outstanding clients and have been recognized for our excellence, our innovation and most of all, our ability to make complicated tech; simply work.

    I am blown away by Re:Solve’s ability to effectively take something complicated…and make it work…simply.

    Isabelle Mercier
    Brand Performance Catalyst
    (A.K.A. Jet Fuel)


    The level of support that Mathieu provides is excellent. He strives to find the best solution to any technical problem we have in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Re:Solve Tech Solutions for any IT related issues.

    Mandi Brown
    Business Manager @ The Original Fusion